It’s a simple statement that makes the Tom Burnett Golf Academy stand out among its peers.  Greatness can be defined a lot of ways: scoring, ranking, college placement.  We can accomplish all of this.  But what makes a TBGA player great runs deeper than just what happens between the ropes. For us, it’s about building the total athlete – as players, as students, as leaders.  More specifically, TBGA is about development – not just as an athlete, but also as a person.  We believe that greatness is the payoff of hard, smart and purposeful work.

Golf greatness can be defined many ways.  Every player that walks through our door is there for a reason unique only to them.  At TBGA, we provide a holistic approach to our students’ development.  We combine world-class golf instruction, expert physical training and poignant mental training to bring out the greatness of our students. If all the pieces are working together, then the player, by virtue of hard work, instilled values, attention to detail and predetermined goals will develop into that “Great” player they strive to be.

TBGA is not about the academy.  It’s about players.  And making them great.

Over the last 20 years Tom Burnett has created a unique, multi-dimensional approach to golf instruction designed to evaluate, improve and maximize each individual’s golf performance. Our clients travel from around the globe to train in our Junior, Post-Grad, Tour Prep and Summer and Winter Camp programs.

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