Golf Training Program Philosophy

Golf Training ProgramTo ensure the highest quality instruction for each player, the Tom Burnett Golf Academy ratio of students to instructor is kept low. There are many choices when picking a golf academy.


TBGA’s philosophy is to ensure that each player receives the best coaching, an individualized golf training program, and enjoyment from the game of golf and makes wonderful life long memories. Under Tom’s leadership, the academy focuses on three aspects of player development: Technical, Physical and Mental.


Technical Training
Through 20 years of developmental junior golf instruction of turning aspirants into golfers, Tom has designed a program enabling students to achieve optimal performance in tournament conditions.


Success is attained through a technique called Periodization. Periodization includes proper timing of technical and pre-competition training. The technical instruction builds a powerful and repeatable golf swing through repetition and drill work on the driving range. The swing is then tested, adjusted and refined in different conditions on the golf course to promote skill development. These skills are then challenged in pressure situations to transfer to tournament performance.


The technical aspects of the swing are outlined in “The ABC’s of Golf”, a program designed and written by Tom Burnett. The technical skills are developed through the latest use of technology including: V1 Video Software, 3-D animated graphics, graphical analysis, Science and Motion Putt lab (SAM) and ballistic data.


Physical Training
Every student at the Tom Burnett Golf Academy participates in a comprehensive physical fitness program. While promoting a healthy lifestyle, the individualized physical training develops golf specific strength, flexibility and movement. The workouts include: core strength and stability, flexibility, explosive muscle development and cardiovascular endurance. Each workout is guided by a certified fitness trainer and is catered to each individual’s strengths and areas to be developed.


Mental Training
The TBGA mental training program will advance our students in three key areas necessary to become a superior athlete: Attitude, Process and Preparation. This systematic approach to building mental prowess covers everything from goal setting to self-evaluation. In the classroom, on the golf course instruction or utilizing the latest technology in brain imaging, the Tom Burnett Golf Academy is the best at preparing an athlete’s mind for competition and success.