Golf Club Fitting

Serious golfers need to be fit for the correct club specifications to maximize driver distance and to provide the proper carry distances throughout the rest of the set. We can fit a full-line of high performance drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons and wedges with loft and shaft configurations designed to provide all serious golfers with maximum distance, a playable trajectory and the proper yardage gaps. Our coaches are also required to become certified club fitters for a major golf brand company. This allows us to fit the student to match the technique we are striving for.

Hours of Operation: 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday.


Golf Club Fitting Options


Cost: $100      Approximately 1 hour


  • Static measurements – includes length, loft, lie, shaft flex, grip size and body size
  • Dynamic measurements – includes club speed, ball speed, power transfer, spin rate, launch angle, face angle, and angle of attack
  • Detailed fitting analysis – written recommendation of equipment for optimizing distance and accuracy



Cost: $250      Approximately 2.5 to 3 hours


  • Basic club fitting plus everything below
  • Written recommendations on set makeup for optimizing distance control and gap yardage
  • Evaluation of wedge lofts and bounce
  • 15 minute Swing check w/ PGA/TBGA certified instructor
  • Technique recommendations to optimize power transfer ratio & spin rate


Tour Level

Cost: $500        Approximately 5 to 6 hours


  • Advanced club fitting plus everything below
  • Detailed print out of current set – includes length, static weight, swing weight, precise loft, face angle, and lie angle
  • Precise dynamic loft and lie adjustments to every club as well as any new clubs being built or ordered
  • On course performance check
  • Detailed print-out of launch monitor data – includes measurements of club speed, ball speed, power transfer, launch angle, spin rate, face angle, angle of attack, and angle of descent.
  • Detailed print out of putting software data – includes measurements of path, face control, centerness of strike, add-loft and de-loft characteristics, rotational velocities and accelerations, timing, and linear velocities and accelerations
  • Analysis of golf ball to achieve optimal distance, accuracy, and feel


Equipment Performance Program

The Equipment Performance Program is designed for students enrolled in the academy’s full time program.  It is a semester long program to help students achieve the maximum performance of their golf equipment through routine checks and training sessions on the launch monitor.  This process accelerates progress and performance while making technical changes.  The cost of this program is $500 per semester.

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