Mental Golf Training

Mental Golf TrainingOverview

The TBGA mental golf training program will develop our students in 3 areas necessary to become a superior golfer: Attitude, Process, and Preparation.


Sport psychology is a specialized form of coaching – coaching the mind. To be mentally strong, a player must determine how he or she thinks and feels at all times. A player cannot allow outside occurrences to determine their mindset.

Reacting to situations (bad shots, results, luck, etc…) and allowing obstacles to change their mindset places an athlete at the mercy of outside forces. Mentally weak competitors lose focus and performance suffers. Becoming mentally tough is a process that cannot just be talked about in an office – it is a skill that must be learned, practiced and implemented on the course.

Great athletes, performing at the top of their game, know themselves. They know how to prepare themselves for competition, handle obstacles that will get in their way and get their minds prepared for game day. This typically takes years of experience, trial and error, and much frustration. Many athletes simply ride the ups and downs never learning how to prepare and focus their minds for competition.  Our acclaimed staff sports psychologist will work with you to develop a strong and focused mind required to perform under the pressure of tournament golf.

Attitude – Mindset:
Handling stress, pressure, nerves
Controlling and using emotion

Playing Process:
Pre-shot routine
Handling adversity
Swing thoughts – becoming instinctive
Staying in the moment
Quality of concentration
Game Plan
Course management- on course adjustments
Post round analysis

Learning yourself – Self analysis, self discovery, awareness change
Effective practice
Getting the technical into your body
Building confidence
Goal setting
Pre-tournament preparation, efficiency
Player-Coach relationships

The Team Approach

Remember: we are in the greatness business. And we know greatness cannot be achieved alone.

The best sport psychology consultants know the issues in their sports and are able to distinguish between what is technical and what is mental. There is a significant overlap between the two. The mind and the body do not work independently. That is why we at TBGA work so closely as a team. Often, there is a slightly different way of “thinking” about a technical movement that can speed up learning and achieve the desired result. Sometimes there is a different method of communicating information to make sure that the student “gets it.”

As part of our continuous improvement process, the Tom Burnett Golf Academy has asked Dr. Belkin to give monthly seminars to our full time students. In addition, you’ll often find Dr. Belkin on the range consulting with our instructors and/or giving counsel to our students. He has helped us immensely in our efforts to get the most out of every player.


Golf Programs and Pricing

We offer several different alternatives to fit the needs of the program and the individual.


Full time – Per semester (January through May) 22 weeks.

Intensive Program: $4000
Once per week, 2 hour sessions

Traditional Program: $2000
Twice per month, 2 hour sessions

For those in a semester long program, phone consultations prior to and after tournaments are included in the cost.


Short time

$250 first evaluation
$220 per 2 hour session if booked individually

For athletes who are traveling and/or are unable to get to Jacksonville, special retainer packages are available upon request for phone consultations.