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At TBGA, we provide a holistic approach to our students’ development. We combine world-class golf instruction, expert physical training and poignant mental training to bring out the greatness of our students. If all the pieces are working together, then the player, by virtue of hard work, instilled values, attention to detail and predetermined goals will develop into that “Great” player they strive to be.

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TBGA offers junior programs, post-graduate instruction, tour prep training, golf schools and private lessons in St. Augustine, Florida. learn more…

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Junior golf has become Tom’s passion, and he has developed programs that have helped several hundred young golfers achieve their goals of collegiate golf scholarships. learn more…

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The Tom Burnett Golf Academy strives to be the number one provider of champion golf instruction of golf schools in Florida and in the world for all ages and levels of players. learn more…


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We Develop Greatness

It’s a simple statement that makes the Tom Burnett Golf Academy stand out among its peers. Greatness can be defined a lot of ways: scoring, ranking, college placement. We can accomplish all of this. What makes a TBGA player great runs deeper than just what happens between the ropes. For us, it’s about building the total athlete – as players, as students, as leaders. More specifically, TBGA is about development – not just as an athlete, but also as a person. We believe that greatness is the payoff of hard, smart and purposeful work. Every player that walks through our door is there for a reason unique only to them.

We Develop Great Champions

At the Tom Burnett Golf Academy we recognize, value, and appreciate the clear distinct personal qualities that are learned or innate in a champion. These qualities are what eventually allows them to reach a long term goal or inevitably hoist their dream trophy over their head.

We Develop Great Players

We combine world-class golf instruction, expert physical training and poignant mental training to bring out the greatness of our students. If all the pieces are working together, then the player, by virtue of hard work, instilled values, will develop into that “Great” player.

We Develop Great Leaders

The Tom Burnett Golf Academy likes to recognize its athletes who have a greater definition of themselves outside of just being a golfer. For example, our Academy recognizes Jeff Klauk as being a great spokesperson in using his talents to bring awareness to epilepsy.

We Develop Great People

What we learn about ourselves inside the ropes can carry us through to what our true purpose in life is meant to be. Jeanne Cho is a native of Boulogne, France and currently resides in Durham, NC. She speaks four languages – French, English, Spanish and Korean. Jeanne is an alumnus of the University of Florida.

We Develop Great Students

The Tom Burnett Golf Academy likes to recognize it student athletes who exemplify great qualities and take great commitment in their own personal development in themselves both on and off the golf course.

We Develop Great Athletes

Golf inherently takes mental and physical demands to play consistently well over an enduring period of time. Becoming an athlete is a sophisticated endeavor of being able to tie all the physical attributes to enhance performance…

  • Full Time Junior Golf Program

    The goal of the Full Time Junior Golf Academy is to establish a champion’s mind-set and prepare junior golfers for the rigors and stress of the collegiate golf experience.

  • Junior Golf Camps

    TBGA camps encompass the same proven principles as the full-time developmental programs. Students are introduced to the multidimensional approach that has been successful for over 20 years.

  • Junior Golf Academy Full Time Student

    As a Junior Golf Academy Full Time Student, you will live in a luxury town home located next to the St. John’s Country Club community. The town homes are fully equipped with wireless Internet access, a washer and dryer, large bedrooms, and a live-in Residential Coordinator.

  • Adult Golf Schools and Instruction

    By training in our developmental adult programs, our coaches acquire a critical understanding of cause and effect, how people learn, how to manage the stress and anxiety a player feels while trying to improve his or her game.

  • Post Grad / Golf Tour Prep

    This Golf Tour Prep program is designed for players with a verifiable U.S.G.A. Handicap of 9 or better who are at least 18 years of age. The focus of the program is preparing players to perform at their peak level in competition.

  • Online Golf Lessons

    For Online Golf Lessons the Tom Burnett Golf Academy utilizes the Interactive Frontiers of V1 software. This video software allows our academy to create videos which document our students progress from the beginning of there training.

We are a dynamic and engaged golf academy dedicated to excellence in teaching.

TBGA Alumni

  • DJ Brigman
  • Jeanne Cho
  • A.J. Crouch
  • Bubba Dickerson
  • Nicole Hage
  • Matt Kuchar
  • Jeff Klauk
  • John Klauk
  • Brittany Lincicome
  • Garrett Morrison
  • James Oh
  • Aree Song
  • Anders Forsbrand
  • Isabelle Gabsa
  • Marina Stuetz
  • Stephen Gangluff

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