Tom Burnett Golf Academy

At TBGA, we provide a holistic approach to our students’ development. We combine world-class golf instruction, expert physical training and poignant mental training to bring out the greatness of our students. If all the pieces are working together, then the player, by virtue of hard work, instilled values, attention to detail and predetermined goals will develop into that “Great” player they strive to be.



It’s a simple statement that makes the Tom Burnett Golf Academy stand out among its peers. Greatness can be defined a lot of ways: scoring, ranking, college placement. We can accomplish all of this. What makes a TBGA player great runs deeper than just what happens between the ropes. For us, it’s about building the total athlete – as players, as students, as leaders. More specifically, TBGA is about development – not just as an athlete, but also as a person. We believe that greatness is the payoff of hard, smart and purposeful work. Every player that walks through our door is there for a reason unique only to them.


We Develop Great Champions

anders-200x200At the Tom Burnett Golf Academy we recognize, value, and appreciate the clear distinct personal qualities that are learned or innate in a champion. These qualities are what eventually allows them to reach a long term goal or inevitably hoist their dream trophy over their head.


We Develop Great Leaders

jeff-klauk-150x150The Tom Burnett Golf Academy likes to recognize its athletes who have a greater definition of themselves outside of just being a golfer.  For example, our Academy recognizes Jeff Klauk as being a great spokesperson in using his talents to bring awareness to epilepsy.


We Develop Great Students

students-150x150The Tom Burnett Golf Academy likes to recognize it student athletes who exemplify great qualities and take great commitment in their own personal development in themselves both on and off the golf course.


We Develop Great Players

one-_of-_the-_sliders-150x150We combine world-class golf instruction, expert physical training and poignant mental training to bring out the greatness of our students. If all the pieces are working together, then the player, by virtue of hard work, instilled values, will develop into that “Great” player.


We Develop Great People


What we learn about ourselves inside the ropes can carry us through to what our true purpose in life is meant to be. Jeanne Cho is a native of Boulogne, France and currently resides in Durham, NC. She speaks four languages – French, English, Spanish and Korean. Jeanne is an alumnus of the University of Florida.


We Develop Great Athletes


Golf inherently takes mental and physical demands to play consistently well over an enduring period of time. Becoming an athlete is a sophisticated endeavor of being able to tie all the physical attributes to enhance performance…


What People Say About Us

It meant a lot that Tom spent time every day during all three stages of LPGA Q school. Him being there gave me confidence and I would not have made it through with out his help.
  -Marina Stuetz 2013
LPGA Tour Player
Tom has a unique way of understanding mentally what type of golfer he has in front of him. He has a unique way of tying in the mental and technical details and turn them into a simple but very effective process to bring the best of your game. Tom knows how to raise the level of a players game and help keep it there. Tom is always improving. He’s always trying to be a better teacher and better coach. And that’s hard to find.
-Anders Forsbrand
6 European P.G.A. Tour wins including the 1995 German Mercedes Masters
Currently plays on the P.G.A. Champions Tour
I have been working with Tom Burnett from TBGA for 7 months. I have worked with many golf instructors including some high profiled ones and Tom is by far the best Instructor I have ever met! He has encouraged and supported me since day 1. He has been able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and develop a successful training program based off that information. Tom has a very good understanding of the mental approach to the game as well as the physical and nutritional values that have helped me elevate my game.
-Birdie Kim 2013
2005 Women’s U.S. Open Champion
I have known Tom since I was 12, early in the start of his career. I have spent most of my collegiate and professional career being apart form Tom, but watching him positively develop many of the students who attend his academy. Those students almost always go on and accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Tom and his staff really take the time to get to know the people who train through his programs. Tom has played an integral part in the development and success I have had in the golfing portion of my life.
-Jeff Klauk 2013
Current PGA Tour Player
Two-time Nationwide Tour Winner
I put a lot of hard work in and my game has improved. I have been doing well with Tom, putting together a plan to get better and then back on tour. Tom understands the game, and how to keep it fun, even when working on different things in different ways to keep the love in the game.
  -Matt Kuchar 2006